Book An Appointment

Please call 0208 761 800 to arrange an appointment with us. We are currently doing face-to-face appointments (suitably socially distanced), ‘virtual’ appointments or ‘telephone’ appointments — whichever you prefer. We can agree something to suit your preferences, for example using a phone appointment or video conferencing via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts etc. — whatever suits you best.

Supplying Us Your Records and Receipts

If you are an existing client and would simply like to drop off paperwork etc, please call 0208 761 800 to arrange a date and time so we can ensure someone is here to receive them.

Please observe our social distancing protocols and wear a mask if you visit. Please do not attend if you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, are awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, or have been in close proximity with anyone who has experienced symptoms during the last 14 days. Also, please do not bring anyone else into our offices. Many thanks.

Our Key Contacts:

  • Guy: 07766 495 871 (Guy is available Monday to Friday, for any enquiries).
  • Faiz: 0208 655 7891 for sub-contractors & the self-employed.
  • Ewelina: 0208 655 7892 for the self-employed, landlords & for ‘disclosures’.
  • Julie: 0208 655 7893 for sub-contractors & the self-employed.
  • Dominika: 020 8761 8000 for limited company accounts, bookkeeping, VAT returns plus some personal tax.

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