Tax Return Help in Battersea, SW8 & South West London

Looking for help with your tax return in Battersea, SW8 or South West London? Our tax advisors can help!

We’ll fill in your tax return form for you, offset any deductible allowances against income, do all the necessary calculations and, once approved by you, file it with HMRC for on your behalf. We’ve done literally tens of thousands of tax returns for our customers over the years, so we’re experts at them and make it all very simple for you, the customer.

Help with Self-Assessment Tax Returns & More

We help fill in and submit various types of tax return forms, for lots of different people. For example, the self-employed, directors, partnerships, landlords, professional drivers, those on PAYE tax and construction workers to name just a few. This includes:

  • Self-assessment tax returns for the self-employed
  • Landlord tax returns
  • Sub-contractor self-assessment tax returns (including CIS)
  • Taxi, black cab and minicab driver self-assessment returns
  • Company directors’ self-assessment tax returns
  • Limited company annual returns
  • Partnership/partner self-assessment tax returns
  • PAYE self-assessment tax returns
  • Capital Gains tax returns
  • and any other type of UK tax return required by HMRC.

We can also help you register with HMRC for Self-Assessment if you’re not already registered — for just a small, one-off fee.

Prepare for Your 2020-21 Tax Return

If you’re struggling to get your tax return right, we’re here to help. The deadline for your 2020-21 Self Assessment tax return is January 2022 (for submissions via Taxfile or via HMRC online). For earlier years, the deadline has been and gone so you need to act fast if you want to minimise fines from HMRC (they start charging £10 per day from 1 May for overdue tax returns). For this year’s tax returns, though, you need to come and see us ideally before the end of the year because January is usually a bottleneck due to many people leaving things until the last possible minute. You’ll save money coming in during October, November and December anyway because, when we’re less busy, we don’t need to pay staff for overtime, unlike in January!

For the latest tax return (tax year 2020/21), we need your records for the period 6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021 for Self-Assessment and many other types of tax returns. These include income and expenditure records so don’t forget to supply us with pay slips, invoices, receipts, any deduction statements (if applicable) and your bank statements. Bank downloads are also very useful to us, for example saving your bank records as CSV files or PDFs. Many online banking platforms now allow you to do this type of export.

For business ‘end of year accounts’ it’s a little different as we’ll need to base those on the business’s own particular year end.

Tax Return Help in South London, the South West & the North

We can help you with your tax returns in several UK locations. We have offices in Battersea (see above), Tulse Hill in London SE21 and Dulwich in South East London. We also have tax agents who can help on a one-to-one basis and they are based in areas including Exeter and Plymouth in the South West (covering Devon and Cornwall), Yorkshire and the North East and finally Carlisle in the North of England. See our recent blog post for further details about our tax advisors outside London.

Call 020 8761 8000 to book a free 20 minute consultation. Alternatively register your interest here, without cost or obligation.

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